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Cotlands Playgroup

Princess, Gauteng

Cotlands Playgroup urgently needs a full early childhood development centre, consisting of a toilet, kitchen, office, sickbay and classroom.

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About the project:

Cotlands was founded in 1936, 85 years ago. The organisation was originally established to provide access to play-based early learning opportunities for young children. Cotlands has a small toy library and a classroom to assist early childhood development centres in the areas they serve in Gauteng with play-based learning materials and basic training for centre staff.

The challenge:

During their regular interventions, the organisation came across a community in dire need of an early childhood development centre. The Department of Social Development assisted by supplying a mobile unit for this centre that operates from a vacant piece of land, with no municipal services. Three years later, due to the shift from the Department of Social Development to the Department of Education, the mobile will be removed and allocated to another project. Leaving 50 children without a playgroup to attend.


The need:

Cotlands Playground urgently needs a full early childhood development centre, consisting of a kitchen, toilet, office, sickbay and classrooms, as their current mobile unit will be removed March 2023.

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