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Inqanawe Crèche and Pre-school – KwaZulu Natal Flood Emergency Appeal

KwaZulu Natal

This pre-school needs a new 30m² classroom after theirs was destroyed in devastating floods.

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About the project:

In April 2022, devastating floods hit the coastal provinces of KwaZulu Natal and the Eastern Cape, causing significant loss of life and extensive damage to property. More than 435 people, 57 of them school children, were killed following heavy rain. Over almost two weeks, hundreds of thousands of people were without running water, and major roads, transportation, communication, and electrical systems were still impacted by the flooding.

Inqanawe Crèche and Pre-school, in Inanda, just outside the city of Durban in KwaZulu-Natal, was severely damaged by the flood. Inqanawe was established in 2004 by the principal, Janet Mthethwa with just six children from her community and they now have 76 children attending the school.

The challenge:

When the first big storm hit on the evening of 11 April 2022, a huge landslide completely destroyed their structure – the roof collapsed and the walls caved in. The next morning the devastation was revealed. Three classrooms, a kitchen, toilet, office and sickbay, along with all of their appliances, educational materials, stationery, food, toys, jungle gym and vegetable garden were gone.

Undaunted, Janet reopened the school in her home … not ideal, but at least the children are continuing to receive early education. She has plans to rebuild, but unfortunately, the resources required are well beyond her reach. She has begun to purchase bricks with the little funds she has, in the hope of rebuilding, but sadly, it simply isn’t enough.

The need:

We have established that there is sufficient space and solid ground at the Inqanawe school site for us to provide a brand-new 30m² prefabricated classroom, offering a safe, weather-proof space from which to operate – providing the first of several new structures to replace what was lost. And most importantly, to restore hope to Janet and the children.

We are calling for your support in helping Janet and the 76 children in her care begin the process of rebuilding their school and their lives after this disaster.

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Your contribution is what keeps us going.

On behalf of the children, we thank you for your kindness and support.