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Kuhleke-Inathi-Mbalie Educare

Overcome Heights, Capricorn, Western Cape

A 42m² prefab classroom and 6m prefab kitchen/toilet will allow the children of Kuhleke-Inathi-Mbalie to grow and learn in a safe environment

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About the project:

Principal, Nosabatha Lukubeni started her educare in her own home with 10 children. The need in her community continues to grow and she now has 30 youngsters, with many more wanting to join. They are quickly outgrowing their current shack structure and a new safe space will allow Nosabatha the opportunity to offer a safe and comfortable environment for the children.

The challenge:

All 30 children and teachers are using one shack for the school, kitchen and one small toilet. It is not hygienic or safe for them to continue in this space. A new, safe classroom and separate kitchen toilet will also bring them closer to being eligible for a government subsidy.

The need:

Using a 6m sub-divided kitchen and toilet prefab, the children will have access to hot meals prepared in a clean space and toilet facilities that will provide a safe and hygienic environment for the children. By adding a 42m2 prefab classroom, the school will have adequate space to accommodate children of different age groups in separate classes.


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