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Rise Above Development (RAD) Urban Youth Oasis

Lavender Hill, Cape Flats, Western Cape

Rise Above Development (RAD), together with In Place of War (IPOW) are building an urban youth oasis in Lavender Hill and infrastructure is needed.

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About the project:

Breadline Africa has been working with projects in Lavender Hill on the Cape Flats for several years now. One of the most gang-ridden communities in the city, there is a great need to uplift, educate and inspire the youth, who are marginalised and neglected.

Rise Above Development (RAD), together with In Place of War (IPOW) are building an urban youth oasis in Lavender Hill. The area is largely cut off from the city, with no regular public transport and very little infrastructure. This, in turn, has led to few job opportunities, and poverty and drugs feed into entrenched and sophisticated gang structures that plague the community.

The challenge:

The objective of RAD is to provide a venue, equipment, training and opportunity for all youth in Lavender Hill to express themselves creatively. This will help to develop the younger generation and inspire them to create a better, positive future by providing them with the facilities and infrastructure they need. With broader support and basic needs in place, the aim is to dilute the recruitment pool for gangsterism, creating lasting change in this beautiful community.

RAD’s proposed programmes include:

  • Creative arts, dance and theatre programmes
  • Sport, football and netball
  • Education and entrepreneurship programmes
  • Music production and events
  • Artisanal workshop
  • Library, computer courses and workshops
  • Urban farming workshops and community garden growers programme
  • Peacebuilding and reconciliation
  • Heritage preservation
  • Café and kitchen
  • Female empowerment

Local people will be trained by a range of leading international professionals to deliver workshops and sessions around music production, digital/online IT skills development, various art forms, and In Place of War’s CASE (Creative and Social Entrepreneurial) Programme over five years. This will build local skills, which will inevitably be spread across the wider community.

The need:

Breadline Africa is raising funds to provide the following infrastructure:

  • 2 x 12m joined Classroom / Library
  • 2 x 12m joined Toilets and Changing Rooms
  • 2 x 12m joined Music studio
  • 2 x 12m joined Computer lab
  • 2 x 12m joined Reception and admin office
  • 2 x 12m joined Kitchen and canteen
  • 4 x 12m joined Dance studio

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