Sophumelela Educare Centre

Gugulethu, Western Cape

To help alleviate space issues and provide comprehensive and age-appropriate learning, this pre-school needs a classroom

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About the project:

The pre-school is situated in a large informal settlement in Gugulethu, Cape Town. Gugulethu is passionately called or referred to as “Gugs” by the locals. The pre-school has grown quickly as the demand has increased. They have over the last 10 years faced the challenge of too little space and requested support from Breadline Africa.

The challenge:

The pre-school had very limited space and used a single room to teach three different age group classes. Breadline Africa provided a 6m converted shipping container classroom to the pre-school in 2021 to help alleviate the space issues but the pre-school still need another classroom to provide comprehensive and age-appropriate learning to all the children.

The need:

Breadline Africa recommends placing a 6m insulated classroom container which will provide the required additional space for a more conducive learning environment.

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