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Thushanang Day Care Centre

Dwarsrivier, Limpopo

The centre desperately needs new classrooms, kitchen and toilet facilities.

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About the project:

Principal Maria Radingwana, who has over 20 years of experience in the education sector, identified a crucial need for an Early Childhood Development centre (ECD) in her community, and opened Thushanang Day Care Centre in 2000.

The challenge:

The Thushanang Day Care Centre, nestled in the rural area of Masha Village, operates from facilities in desperate need of attention. The Centre’s concrete structures are dilapidated, with broken walls and poor roofing, where rainwater constantly leaks inside. The centre makes use of dangerous and unhygienic pit toilets.

The need:

By integrating an additional classroom, a dedicated kitchen, a sickbay, and four toilets, the pre-school aims to provide a vastly improved, safer and more secure environment for its learners. The pit toilets need to be demolished and replaced with 4 new pour-flush toilet facilities.

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