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Zanokhanyo Educare Centre

Khayelitsha, Western Cape

The children have to make use of portable chemical potties and urgently need new toilets. In addition, a new kitchen is also required.

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About the project:

Principal Ntombodidi Barnes established her pre-school in 1995 and was fortunate to receive formal registration from the government for the facility, which allowed her to apply for a small daily grant for each child, primarily to support their nutritional needs. But, as the years went on, the infrastructure deteriorated in the harsh African weather, and in 2017, the centre was de-registered, and the grant was withdrawn.

The challenge:

Drawing on all of her resources, Ntombodidi was able to build precast vibracrete classrooms but lacked funding to build a kitchen and to replace the portable chemical plastic potties.

The need:

A 22m² kitchen & toilet fibreglass unit (subdivided) will provide the children and teachers with decent toilet facilities and a hygienic kitchen to prepare nutritious meals.

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