Lene has more than 20 years’ experience working across Africa in the not-for-profit world. She has served as a strategic leader for a medium-sized and a large public health organisation, one focused on child eye health and another one on HIV prevention. She has managed multi-country operations and worked across organisational levels and departments.

Lene thrives in an environment where she can nurture relationships with a diversity of donors, government officials, partner institutions, diplomats, representatives of UN organisations and other key players relevant to the vision of the organisation she works for.

Lene is driven by impact and locally relevant innovation that pushes individuals, communities, and financiers to co-create and deliver for tomorrow what they believe is unimaginable. She believes in enabling all players to contribute to reduce the impact of what hampers our ability to optimise a better future.

Inspired by her vision to solve everyday challenges by bringing the best and most pioneering minds and sectors together, Lene co-founded a social innovations catalyst, Creativity Will Save Us, in 2021 and she continues to serve on the Board of Directors.

Lene’s experience of good governance, strategy and operational excellence adds depth and diversity and makes her a champion of strategic collaboration.

In her spare time, Lene enjoys time in nature with her family, usually where it is quiet and peaceful. She also likes to occasionally travel out of the country, including to Norway, where she grew up.

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