Safe toilets in every school

Safe toilets in every school

Breadline Africa needs to raise R150 million to build 4,000 toilets



Over the next 18 months Breadline Africa will replace 4,000 pit and bucket toilets at schools across South Africa. KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo and the Eastern Cape are the provinces in greatest need of safe school toilets.


It costs approximately R35,000 to install one new toilet to safely serve 20 – 30 learners.

The new toilets will include maintenance for up to 5 years after installation.


When replacing an old pit toilet, Breadline Africa will fill in the existing pits to prevent children from falling into them.

These are our solutions

Flushing toilets

At schools that have access to sewer connections, we provide prefabricated and converted container solutions that feature 3-6 toilet cubicles and wash basins in safe, dignified structures

Alternative Sanitation Solutions

Many schools, both rural and urban do not have access to sewer connections. A variety of infrastructure solutions aligned with the National Building Regulations, fitted with cubicles, toilets (including accessible toilets), urinals and handwash basins, connected to a septic tank will be provided.
• Alternative structures will be used for sites that are less accessible by road and where septic tanks cannot be installed and where learner numbers are much lower.

Here's how you can help

By making a donation to Breadline Africa’s toilet campaign, you will enable us to provide clean, hygienic, environmentally friendly waterless and flushing toilet solutions to schools throughout South Africa. Together we can restore dignity to children, one toilet at a time!

Our banking details

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Barclays Bank
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AIB Bank
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