Every child has the capacity to do something
phenomenal with his or her life.

When a child’s imagination is unlocked, possibilities are opened up, allowing them to choose a path for their own future. Breadline Africa enables this journey by providing initiatives and infrastructure to support childhood development in Southern Africa through early childhood education.

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  • “I would like to thank all the donors and partners who had made this donation possible. I can assure you that reading periods will become the norm at the school – and having the infrastructure to do so will make all the difference in helping our children to learn – not just to read, but to love reading!”

    Mr Dalindyebo Fiki
    Mr Dalindyebo Fiki Principal of Langabuya Primary School
  • "I would like to thank the Old Mutual Two Oceans runners, Cape Town Cycle Tour cyclists and donors who helped make this new container a reality. Before, it was difficult and even dangerous to cook in the classroom, so I would have to wake up at 04h00 to start preparing meals at my home. On the day that the container arrived, I was like a young child – beyond excited! I even got out of bed on the first night to make sure it was real and still there. I will keep thanking you all until the sun goes down.”

    Ms Nonzuzo Mzinyathi
    Ms Nonzuzo Mzinyathi Principal of Lukhanyiso Educare Centre
  • “It’s been a wonderful thing to see the joy and excitement in the eyes of our children as the library started taking shape. We’re excited to open the doors and let the children enjoy the incredible resource that has been created for them. With its imaginative design and bright colours, the children don’t even have to go into the library to gain from the experience.”

    Mr Shahid Mathews
    Mr Shahid Mathews Principal of Cecil Road Primary School

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3 hours ago

Breadline Africa
World hunger is an issue that persists in society, and in South Africa, it is no different, with about 40% of South Africans going to bed hungry every night. According to recent studies, approximately 2.3 million households reported child hunger. Since the start of Covid-19, Breadline Africa made a humanitarian decision to direct resources towards community feedback programmes to alleviate hunger and malnutrition. Currently, we support 21 feeding sites, providing more than 50 000 meals a month.On #WorldHungerDay, we want to draw attention to the hunger crisis and malnutrition, especially in youth. Young people are particularly vulnerable, with it causing stunted growth, impaired motor and cognitive development, and severe nutritional deficiencies. This significantly impacts their ability to perform in school.Please consider making a donation today and help fight child hunger. DONATE HERE: donate.breadlineafrica.org/ ...
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18 hours ago

Breadline Africa
Thank you to the Industrial Development Corporation for your support. These two pre-schools now have wonderful, safe spaces to grow and learn! Just think of the possibilities 💫 #enablingfutures #openingimaginationCreating a safe and nurturing environment along with adequate infrastructure in the early childhood development (ECD) stage, is a critical foundation for education. Today, we are proud to unveil the R1,5 million #InfrastructureProject, in partnership with Breadline Africa providing the children of #Atlehang & #Emmanuel ECD centers in the Free State with classrooms to enhance their learning environment.#IDCCSI#makingimpact#earlychildhoodeducation ...
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On #worldhungerday, we want to draw attention to the hunger crisis & malnutrition, especially in youth. Young people are vulnerable, with it causing stunted growth, impaired development and severe nutritional deficiencies. Donate & help fight child hunger: https://donate.breadlineafrica.org/

Today, we are proud to unveil the R1,5 million #InfrastructureProject, in partnership with @BreadlineAfrica, providing the children of #Atlehang & #Emmanuel ECD centers in the Free State with shelter to enhance their learning environment.

Every child should have safe access to fun, engaging books. Recently we visited Prince George Primary School, with S.A children’s book publishing start up, Turtlebird Books & @BreadlineAfrica who established an ECD centre on the premises. We were delighted to hand over our first

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