Creating Infrastructure

Creating Infrastructure

Infrastructure investments add up to a brighter future

Breadline Africa’s goal is to help children do better in school by ensuring that they have safer spaces to learn in. It’s difficult to focus on learning when the roof is leaking and the temperatures drop in winter. Teachers also struggle to help their charges when they are worried about the children hurting themselves on a broken board or rusty nail. Many units that Breadline Africa replaces are unsafe and cramped – hot in summer and cold in winter.

Often times a complete solution is required for a pre-school. Did you know that we can provide a full pre-school solution which consists of two classrooms joined together, a separate kitchen and toilet unit, along with an office/ sickbay.

Sustainable Structures

In 2021, Breadline Africa began investigating sustainable structures and began implementing alternative infrastructure to our current container and prefabricated options.

While containers offer great re-use opportunities, they have increased in price since the outbreak of COVID and are also prone to rust particularly in coastal areas. Our Alternative Infrastructure Project identifies and pilots alternative building methods that suit different environments and contribute to our sustainable development goals:

Fibreglass Structures

Our second structure is somewhat more unconventional in that we worked with a boat-building company, Helderberg Marine, to build an Aventure Composite (fibreglass) kitchen and toilet structure for Sijongephamibili Crèche in Strand, Western Cape. Last

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Sandbag Structures

Sandbag structures blend modern materials with traditional building techniques, using timber framing and concrete foundations, with up to 10% concrete or lime as a stabiliser in the earth mixture. They are built by vertically stacking

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Sewer-less Toilets

The sewer-less toilet is not a chemical toilet, nor is it a flushing toilet. Urine diversion (separating liquid from solid waste) allows hygienic, dignifying, and safe toilet facilities to be provided without the need for

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Plastic Brick Structures

In March 2022, Breadline Africa implemented its Alternate Infrastructure Project to identify and test more environmentally sustainable infrastructure solutions that are appropriate and suitable for the environments in which it works. Earlier this year, the

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