Our Theory of Change simplifies the complexity of the systemic changes addressed by our work with our stakeholders by mapping out the impact pathways that connect our activities to delivering positive impact. The diagram illustrates our value chain, describing the causal pathways that lead to measurable outcomes to achieve the impact goals we are committed to. Furthermore, our Theory of Change provides a blueprint to align stakeholders and provide a co-created framework for impact performance management across our organisation.

Create infrastructure

Building classrooms, toilet facilities, and kitchens in pre-school’s as well as primary school libraries across South Africa, to support early childhood education.

Run Initiatives

Seaside outings, Winter and Christmas feeding programmes in impoverished communities.

Feeding Programmes

Since the announcement of lockdown in March 2020, we immediately started emergency feeding programmes in poor communities to alleviate hunger.

Impact so far

We have placed over 800 infrastructure units in under-resourced communities around Southern Africa to date.