Lwandle Baptist Kids

Western Cape

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It was a double celebration at Lwandle Baptist Kids on Thursday 10 February 2022 when two 6m converted shipping container classrooms were handed over to a very grateful principal, Zimkita Nikani and the excited children.

Lwandle Baptist Kids is a pre-school located on the grounds of the Lwandle Baptist Church in the community of Strand in Cape Town. Lwandle is a Zulu word that means ‘ocean’.

On 19 November 2021, which is World Toilet Day, Breadline Africa handed over a 6-metre converted shipping container, with six toilets and hand basins, ensuring the health and safety of the children. At the launch attended by three Breadline Africa board members, Zimkita spoke about their urgent need for classrooms and explained that the current wooden structures posed a significant fire hazard and were preventing them from being able to register with the Department of Social Development for the daily child grants. She also said that poverty within the community means that most of the parents cannot pay any fees. The decision was taken on the day to help this deserving pre-school.

Just three months later, and with the incredible help of a very generous donor, Elizabeth Hosking, the team was back at Lwandle – this time to celebrate the handover of the two new classrooms that were gratefully received by Zimkita, the teachers and the children.

Despite a few rain showers, there was an atmosphere of joy and excitement, with the children entertaining the guests with songs and running in and out of the new structures.

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