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Ouma Vic’s Daycare and Pre-school

President Park

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After a long wait, the principal, teachers and children at Ouma Vic’s Daycare and Pre-school were the
grateful recipients of a 30m² prefabricated classroom on Friday, 22 July 2022.

President Park is east of Halfway House and bordered by Glen Austin, Austin View and Kaalfontein. It
is considered part of Midrand and is still largely a series of agricultural holdings, a throwback to the
days when Halfway House was just that – halfway between the two major cities of Johannesburg and

Principal, Victoria Maharaj established the school in 2009, and has 103 children enrolled and a waiting
list of 30 more. In terms of legislation relating to early childhood development, the current size of the
pre-school’s building meant that it was at capacity – they couldn’t fit any more children into the space!
But the need in the community is far greater, and with a long waiting list, she receives regular requests
for enrolment from parents whose children are in need of a solid educational foundation.

The new classroom will allow the principal to enrol more children and ensure that they can be split into
age-appropriate classes.

Breadline Africa’s dedicated individual donors made this exciting project a reality and we wish the
children a successful educational experience at this well-run GROW pre-school.

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Your contribution is what keeps us going.

On behalf of the children, we thank you for your kindness and support.