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Sunrise Educare Centre

Western Cape

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On 19 July 2022, the principal of Sunrise Educare Centre in Khayelitsha, Pearl Lubisi and the children were the happy recipients of a converted shipping container divided into a kitchen and toilet unit. This will allow for the preparation of meals in a hygienic environment and will also replace the makeshift potties the children had been using.

Pearl established the pre-school in 2009 and in 2020, she had 50 children enrolled. Small children were taught and fed inside a dangerous shack structure that created an unsafe learning environment. Furthermore, children used unsanitary plastic potties that were only cleaned once a week by the municipality. The new toilet facilities will ensure that the children benefit from improved hygiene practices.

Donor, PNA’s slogan is ‘colour your world’ and they have committed to supporting infrastructure improvements to four early childhood development centres – colouring the world for hundreds of children across the country! Thanks to their generosity, the children from Sunrise Educare Centre can receive hygienically prepared, nutritious meals every day.

Pearl expressed her gratitude: “We used to run our pre-school kitchen out of a shack, and now we have a complete and safe kitchen! Thank you for upgrading our facilities and helping our children. Thank you for giving us this container – we’re going to take very good care of it. Thank you.“

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