Leave a bequest and a lasting legacy of hope

Leaving a legacy in your Will is one of the most valuable and lasting ways that you can support Breadline Africa’s efforts to develop phenomenal children who grow up to make a positive contribution to society.Once you have provided for your family and friends, leaving a gift to Breadline Africa will help a whole new generation of children learn and grow.

How to fundraise

Undertake a challenge for Breadline Africa. Over the years, many brave and thoughtful individuals have pushed themselves beyond their comfort zone to complete a challenge for Breadline Africa, make these community-based projects possible – If interested, please contact our marketing team marketing@breadlineafrica.org.

Organising a fundraising event

Please contact the marketing team marketing@breadlineafrica.org or Wendy in the UK (breadlineafricauk@btconnect.com) for help in setting up an event. Events that have been held by our supporters are coffee mornings, afternoon tea parties, sponsored sports events, etc. which help us raise funds and awareness for our volunteer work in Cape Town and South Africa.

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