Arafat Gatabazi is a an open-water swimmer and philanthropist. He uses his passion for swimming to raise funds for various charity organisations in South Africa. He is known for his endurance and determination, having completed several challenging swims, including the swim from Robben Island, swimming around Robben Island, and swimming around Cape Point. In 2014, he was honored with the Swimmer of the Year award by the Cape Long Distance Swimming Association.

In addition to his swimming achievements, Arafat is also an experienced project manager in the Edtech industry. He has been working in the field for eight years and has a wealth of experience in both software development and project management. Currently, he is a project manager for a leading Edtech company and in his role, he helps his team deliver impactful and innovative educational experiences that attract, engage, and retain students. He does this by working collaboratively with faculty and subject matter experts to create customised learning solutions for leading universities.

Arafat is a long-standing supporter of Breadline Africa and shares the organisation’s enthusiasm for supporting early childhood development initiatives in impoverished communities around the country – so much so that he has combined this with his passion for open-water swimming to raise much-needed funds for Breadline Africa’s projects.