As a proudly South African young entrepreneur, speaker and business owner of a swimwear company called She Succeeds, Bianca Bezuidenhout probably looks quite familiar – and she should, as a Miss South Africa finalist and audience favourite!

She was born in Newcastle, Kwazulu Natal and matriculated in Bloemfontein in 2017. After obtaining a BA degree in Marketing Communications from AAA School of advertising in 2020, she decided to pursue a childhood dream of becoming one of the youngest contestants to make it to the top five of Miss South Africa in 2021. And being the resolute young lady that she is, that is exactly what happened.

In addition to her business, Bianca is a Zumba dance instructor, taking the opportunity to bring people together through dance and in celebration of health, fitness and unity. Through her passion for community work, she is a youth ambassador for several community projects and lives out her passion and mission to move South Africa forward, faster.

She sums herself up in three words: Faithful, compassionate, purposeful.