Colin Bloom is a young New Yorker and a dual USA / South African citizen. In 2023 he attended the African Leadership Academy in Johannesburg and was also named as a winner of the International Literacy Association’s global 30 Under 30 award. Together with his brother James (also a Breadline Africa Ambassador) he co-founded Libraries for Literacy.

In 2018 Colin and James were walking down a grocery store aisle in South Africa when they noticed that all the packaged food had pictures of what was inside. They were used to packages that just had the name of the food, such as “Campbell’s Tomato Soup”. When they asked their dad why all the food had pictures, he explained that many people in South Africa could not read. Believing that literacy is a fundamental human right, they founded Libraries for Literacy to provide greater access to books and improve literacy in South Africa. To date they have established 5 libraries at schools in South Africa (3 in partnership with Breadline Africa).

Colin is attending Harvard University.