Douglas Bragdon earned a master’s degree in English at West Virginia University in 1981, and then began a successful career with the Federal Government.  In 2008, he formed a small company to provide engineering and management services to the Government and during the course of 2021, retired from all government work and sold the company.  

As Douglas began to contemplate a restful retirement, he began to write funding proposals for local non-profit organizations in the human services sector. The organisations he supports care for foster children, provide mentorship for inner-city youth, support those with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and encourage young people to explore science and technology education. 

In addition to a successful ‘second career’ as a grant-writer, having written and coordinated the submission of grant proposals for six non-profit organisations, Douglas has served as a volunteer, advisor, and board member for various non-profit groups.

He says: “While there are many worthy and underfunded causes within the US, I believe there is also a recognition among some of us that the needs may be even greater in other regions of the world – and there is an accompanying willingness to help.”