This pre-school needs to replace its unsafe metal structures with a container classroom and 6m container kitchen and toilet combination

Location: Khayelitsha, Western Cape

About: Yibanathi Educare Centre opened its doors in 2004. At present, 64 young children attend from the surrounding area of Monwabisi Park in Khayelitsha. The pre-school has grown and makes use of a few metal shack structures that house the classrooms, kitchen and toilet facilities. The principal, Phindeka Ndaza, hopes to see her pre-school achieve full ECD registration, but the state of the current infrastructure prevents this.

Challenge: In order to become registered with the Department of Social Development,  the school must provide safe and secure infrastructure. The current structures are not considered safe by the department as they pose safety and health hazards and the school needs new infrastructure as a matter of urgency. The pre-school only has 2 flushing toilets for all the children and staff which is insufficient for their needs.

The need: Ms. Ndaza is in desperate need of an additional classroom as well as a kitchen/toilet container– and the best solution for her school is two joined 6m containers to create a spacious classroom and a 6m container kitchen and toilet combination.

Beneficiaries: 64 children from birth to the age of five


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