Breadline Africa goes to the seaside!

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If you ask any member of the Breadline Africa team what the best part of their job is, they will probably tell you that it’s seeing the expressions of joy on the faces of the children as they enter a new classroom, library, kitchen or toilet for the first time. But there are a few employees who have a very special ‘best’ story – they are the organisers of the annual seaside outing!

Nothing compares to the pure, unadulterated joy of the seaside outing. It’s an opportunity to explore, to play – allowing children to just be children! From nervous anticipation as they board the bus, to the excitement of the first waves washing over their toes, it’s an unforgettable, magical experience. And it rubs off on the grownups, too!

In 2020, it was unlikely that the seaside outing would take place. The second wave of COVID-19 had arrived and lockdown measures were strict. The team swung into action and plan B was implemented:  The Two Oceans Aquarium Education Foundation visited the pre-schools in their mobile unit, bringing some of the magic of the ocean with them.

This year, despite a looming cold front and rumours of another lockdown in the face of a fourth wave of COVID-19, almost 250 children arrived at St James Beach near Kalk Bay, Cape Town, to be met with perfect beach conditions over the three days of this much-anticipated event.

The children could not contain their enthusiasm and the braver ones splashed and laughed in the shallows, while the less adventurous youngsters built sandcastles and elaborate moats and waterways in the sand.

And what would a day at the seaside be without treats? Thanks to the generosity of the many sponsors who stepped up to help, the children enjoyed glazed doughnuts from Krispy Kreme, refreshing spring water donated by the La Vie de Luc, and a delicious chicken burger and chips lunch from Nando’s.

Just as the children were sure it couldn’t get any better, the jolly man in his red suit arrived, bringing even more goodies made possible by Blaauwberg Online, SA Harvest and NAH Consulting. Special thanks are extended to the Kolisi Foundation for a wonderful educational activity pack for each child.

One of the highlights was watching the little ones having their photo taken with Father Christmas – totally in awe and astonished that he had come all the way from the North Pole just for them!

Thank you to all of our donors and sponsors who made it possible for the Breadline Africa team to take these children on this magical seaside outing – we hope you enjoy these images … and we are already looking forward to next year’s event!

If you would like to get involved or for more information get in touch: [email protected]

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