Christmas Tinto Primary School

Western Cape

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45m2 prefabricated library and media centre

Date Launched

23 November 2023



Western Cape

No of children

1468 children

Year started


In 2012, Christmas Tinto Primary School was established in an impoverished community in Strand, Cape Town. This is a no-fee-paying school and is made up entirely of prefabricated units. Learners come from poverty-stricken families and most parents are unemployed and depend on social grants. Principal, Steven Mphicothi Qantolo and his staff are passionate about reading and had set up a library in a donated 12m container which was too small to accommodate all the children.

On 23 November 2023, Christmas Tinto Primary School celebrated the handover of their new library and media centre. This monumental achievement was made possible through the collaborative efforts of Strong Schools, Breadline Africa, and the generous contributions of donors Mark and Louise Seligman, and Elizabeth Hosking.

During the event, Marion Wagner, Breadline Africa’s CEO, expressed gratitude for the invaluable support received from partners and donors. She commended the school’s unique setting of prefabricated units, acknowledging the beauty of the institution while affirming Breadline Africa’s commitment to enhancing its capabilities.

Louise Seligman, a Breadline Africa Board Member, was one of the distinguished guests who attended along with other international trustees and board members. Louise played a key role in further enriching the literary resources with her donation of cherished reading books to the school. In her address, she encouraged the children to share their thoughts through letters about their favourite books.

The incredible children’s choir entertained the delegates and the drama group illustrated the importance of the new library and media centre through a brilliant role play. In essence, the handover ceremony became an emotional testament to the transformative power of collaboration and generosity in creating a brighter future for the children of Christmas Tinto Primary School.

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