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Iziboneli Christian Educare Centre

Western Cape

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Breadline Africa’s donors continued to provide the rainbow after the storm, as the team celebrated the launch of a 6-metre converted shipping container kitchen at Iziboneli Christian Educare Centre on Wednesday, 3 August.

The facility has already received a 12m container classroom from Breadline Africa in October 2021 after a storm destroyed the original structure and the new kitchen, sponsored by Southey Contracting, will offer a clean, hygienic space to store ingredients and prepare the children’s daily meals.

Dr Linda Moses, the founder of Iziboneli, thanked principal Buli Moses, her daughter in-law and her team for ensuring that classes continued, in spite of the huge damage to the property. She explained that the vision of this school is to have role models in all spheres of life. “We believe that children are not born empty, they are born with their talent in all spheres of their life. We are here to shape their vision and create a bright future. We are teaching them that they are not a mistake, they are not going to fall apart, they are heading for the top!” She exclaimed during her speech.

She went on to say that the school has added a Grade 1 class this year and will continue to add a new grade each year. “Thank you, Breadline Africa, for making our vision a reality in the form of a Grade 1 classroom container. Our plan is to grow from Grade 1 to Grade 12 and the new kitchen is a welcome and much-needed addition which will ensure that the children receive nourishing meals.”

Ali Waggie, Breadline Africa Programme Manager congratulated the school on their work and said: “At Breadline Africa, we believe that every child has the capacity to do something phenomenal with their life, it doesn’t matter where the children come from, everyone can do amazing things. We also know that teaching a hungry child is very difficult. We have come a long way with this pre-school since last year and after placing the classroom, we saw that there was still a need.”

He added that BookDash kindly donated a series of books for each child to take home and continue to read. “Reading will open their minds and take them to many places around the world,” concluded Ali. John Ryall, the Southey Contracting managing director added: “Congratulations to everyone. As I listened to Dr Linda and her dream, it reminded me of my mother. She was a principal and opened her own school in the Eastern Cape. She journeyed with her students from Grade 1 to Grade 12. This vision isn’t only your vision Dr Linda, but mine, Southey Contracting’s and Breadline Africa’s.”

Skhulele Mlobeli, a community member added a note of thanks, emphasising the importance of starting the children off on the right foot – Southey Contracting and Breadline Africa have been instrumental in putting the children on the right path for success!

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