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Mthimkhulu Smart Kids Educare

Western Cape

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30m² prefabricated classroom with toilet

Date Launched

26 July 2023



Western Cape

No of children

42 children

Year started


Mthimkhulu Smart Kids Educare is celebrating their 10-year anniversary this year, and they made it even more special by officially opening their new 30m² prefabricated classroom with toilet on 26 July 2023.

Located in Proteadorp, Kleinmond, South Africa, Mthimkhulu Smart Kids Educare stands out as one of the few early childhood development centres in the area. It is known for its effective management and receives support from the Grail Centre Trust.

Selected by the Arabella Homeowners’ Community Trust and pre-assessed by Breadline Africa’s partner, Enlighten Education Trust, Mthimkhulu Smart Kids Educare was chosen to receive infrastructure assistance, making their new classroom possible. Magriet Peter, Director of the Enlighten Education Trust, expressed gratitude for the successful collaboration between organisations in the field of early childhood development. She acknowledged the partnership with Breadline Africa, Arabella Homeowners’ Community Trust, and all those involved at Mthimkhulu Smart Kids Educare.

Lou-Anne Lubbe from Arabella Homeowners’ Community Trust shared that a homeowner (also a long-standing Breadline Africa donor) proposed the idea to Breadline Africa in November, leading to the realisation of the beautiful, prefabricated classroom. The centre’s efficiency and preparation during the audit in February contributed to a swift process, with the classroom completed by June. She extended thanks to all Breadline Africa’s donors for their support in funding this.

Caroline Tinsley, Breadline Africa Partnership Manager, explained that after thoroughly examining the paperwork during a prior visit, the decision to support Mthimkhulu Smart Kids Educare was an easy one. The school’s strong backing and commitment to preparing children for their educational journey were evident. She emphasised Breadline Africa’s dedication to collaborative efforts in ensuring children leave the centre ready for school.

Principal Alexa August expressed her gratitude to everyone involved in making the new classroom a reality. She thanked God for providing the ability and courage to support the children. She also appreciated the hardworking staff.

The donors from Breadline Africa, including Z Bresilley, MH Osmaston, C Mander, Prof JL Hutton, A Gillespie, J Docherty and Rev J Mole, made this classroom possible.

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