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Sibhek’Okuhle Childhood Development Centre


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2 x 30m² prefabricated classrooms

Date Launched

2 November 2022




No of children

45 children

Year started


Impact achieved

• This project will improve the learning facilities for the 45 children enrolled at Sibhek’Okuhle Childhood Development Centre Greylingstad, Mpumalanga.

• In January 2022, the municipality granted the pre-school new land to establish a refurbished facility. Prior to the placement of the infrastructure, they operated out of a four-room shack with no electricity and used pit toilets and small plastic potties.

• The launch of the new classrooms will enable the centre to accommodate more children, with space for age-appropriate learning in a secure and safe learning environment.

• To the children’s delight BookDash kindly donated a series of books for each child to take home and continue to read.

• In the long term, the impact of this infrastructure is hugely significant. In order to qualify for registration as a pre-school facility and to receive government funding, the centre is required to comply with infrastructure safety standards and regulatory norms set down by government agencies. Infrastructure is always the largest stumbling block, due to costs. The classrooms will help them on the road to registration and long-term sustainability as many parents cannot afford to pay school fees. Sibhek’Okuhle still needs a kitchen, toilet, and office facilities.

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