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Station House Educare Centre

Cape Town
Western Cape

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6m container kitchen & toilet

Date Launched

18 November 2022



Western Cape

No of children

67 children

Year started


Impact achieved

• This project will improve the learning facilities for the 67 children enrolled at Station House Educare Centre in Bonteheuwel, Cape Town, Western Cape.

• Prior to the placement of the much-needed 6m sub-divided container kitchen and toilet, the teachers were using part of the classroom as the kitchen facility, and the children and teachers had to share the primary school toilet facilities.

• The launch of the new facilities was part of the World Toilet Day celebrations which takes places on 19 November each year to draw attention to sanitation issues all over the world and educates the public on the effects that a lack of sanitation has. According to Statistics South Africa, 21,6% of residents reported inadequate hygiene at home, and 17% indicated that they did not have running water to wash their hands after using the toilet.

• The children of Station House Educare now have access to clean functioning toilets, important to safeguard their health and to preserve their dignity and in addition, receive hot meals prepared in a clean and hygienic dedicated space.

• International and local board members of Breadline Africa attended the launch and thoroughly enjoyed the performances given by the children.

• In the long term, the impact of this infrastructure is hugely significant. In order to qualify for registration as a pre-school facility and to receive government funding, the centre is required to comply with infrastructure safety standards and regulatory norms set down by government agencies. Infrastructure is always the largest stumbling block, due to costs. The kitchen and toilet facilities will help them on the road to registration and long-term sustainability.

• See link to media coverage: https://www.goodthingsguy.com/people/67-children-at-pre-school-got-new-toilet-for-world-toilet-day/?fbclid=PAAaajoNFT-GX90Z1XjifAJ0FHgQQRdigO_1zqGoh_fu3uEIY2ZzfOEqL6-Js

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