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Eyomphakathi Crèche

Ntuzuma, KwaZulu-Natal

The crèche is in need of a new hygienic kitchen to provide nutritious meals to the children and community.

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About the project:

Eyomphakathi Crèche is effectively managed and not only offers quality education to the children in the community, but also offers weekly meals to community members. These meals are prepared in the pre-school’s kitchen, packaged, and then delivered in the community every Friday. 

The challenge:

 The current kitchen is located in a dilapidated shack, and there is a pressing need for a clean and hygienic kitchen.

The need:

A new kitchen would not only benefit the children of Eyomphakathi Crèche, but also the broader community. Additionally, there is a requirement for a dedicated office space within the pre-school.

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