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Senathi Crèche

Zwelimbovu, KwaZulu-Natal

The crèche was affected by the 2022 KwaZulu-Natal floods and urgently requires a new classroom and toilet facilities.

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About the project:

Senathi Crèche was founded in 2017 and plays a significant role in the life of the local community. Unfortunately, the pre-school was affected by the KZN floods of April 2022, resulting in the destruction of one of its classrooms. 

The challenge:

Presently, the pre-school relies on a single small structure that cannot accommodate all the children. As a result, some of the children are being taught in an alternative location, further down the road. There is an urgent need to ensure that all the children are accommodated on a single property. There are also no functioning toilet facilities at present.

The need:

We hope to provide the crèche with a new classroom and waterless toilet facilities.

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