Little Learners Educare Centre Cornubia

Blackburn Estate, KwaZulu-Natal

There is an urgent need to replace the center’s unsafe existing infrastructure with four new classrooms, a kitchen, and toilet facilities.

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About the project:

Little Learners ECD Centre Cornubia was established in 2017 by Ayanda Deborah Njikelana to help working moms and parents in the community who needed a safe place for their children. The pre-school’s mission is to provide each child with a strong foundation for life-long learning and inspiration to excel, in spite of any challenges they may face. The curriculum is focused on academics and learning through play. All aspects of a child’s development are considered: physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual.

The challenge:

This is a well-run pre-school that receives support from various organisations for educational programmes, teacher training and food. Ayanda does the best that she can with the little that she has, however the quality of infrastructure does not match the quality of education provided to the little ones attending Little Learners ECD Centre Cornubia.

The structures lack stability, which is not safe for the children attending the school, especially on rainy days, when there is flooding and leaking. Ayanda can’t keep up with the maintenance needs of these inadequate structures. The kitchen is not as hygienic as it should be, and the walls very unstable as a result of water damage. Ayanda has had to reinforce one of the walls with a pole – a dangerous situation.


The need:

Four 20m² classrooms with a 10m² kitchen and 10m² toilet facility which will provide the children of Little Learners ECD Centre Cornubia with a safe, secure and inviting learning environment.

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