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Sunrise Educare

Vrygrond, Western Cape

The centre needs two new classrooms to replace unsafe existing structures.

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About the project:

Sunrise Educare Centre is the oldest ECD in the Vrygrond community.  Despite encountering numerous challenges over its 38-year history, Sunrise Educare Centre has consistently provided good-quality learning opportunities for children. This has been made possible through the dedication of qualified and compassionate staffNatalie Swartz, the passionate principal, has played an integral role in the community’s development and assumed leadership of the centre in 2021, following the retirement of the former principal. Embracing inclusive learning principles, the centre welcomes children with learning barriers, striving to create an environment where every child can thrive. The centre prides itself on quality and affordable childcare.


The challenge:

A container structure at the centre is in poor condition and no longer fit for use as classroom. New classrooms are needed to accommodate the 168 children at the centre.

The need:

Natalie is seeking our support to expand her centre by adding two prefabricated classrooms to accommodate 4- to 5-year-old children. This expansion aims to provide a safe and secure space for these children to learn. 

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Sunrise Educare

The centre needs two new classrooms to replace unsafe existing structures.

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